The Big Tent
We LOVE the Circus, but best of all are the FIREWORKS, SNOW and our FAMILY!

Voice Claim:

Otto Koopa: Kate Higgins (notable for Young Asbel - Tales of Graces)

Claude Koopa: Brianne Siddall (notable for Tommy - Digimon Frontier)
Posted: 1 year ago on 30/6/13 at 12:00am
W-who are You?

Claude hid behind as Otto turn to reassuringly hug his brother as both of the twins looked up to the unfamiliar person that came into the tent as of recently.

"W-who are you?" asked Otto as he tried to be the braver one out of the duo even though both of their bodies were quivering in absolute fear.

It didn’t make things better that their Uncle Ludwig from an alternate reality had scared them earlier..